Old Haunted Jail in St Augustine, FL


The jail was finished in 1891 and was in operation until 1953. The founder of Standard oil, Henry Flagler, Rockefeller and the founder of the East coast railroad donated The majority of its money to build it. Being the oldest surviving government building in the St. John’s county.old-jail-museum-st-augustine-fl-oct-2009-07

Originally built to house up to 72 prisoners, the two-story northern wing of the Jail consists of a general population and maximum security area, a women’s section and a lower level kitchen. Maximum Security housed the most dangerous prisoners held at the Jail and includes a Death Row cell, for those condemned to die.

Only condemned prisoners had windows, but that was just to provide a view of the gallows. The most dangerous of the prisoners were locked up in maximum security, which included the death row cells. Many of the other many men and women died from the inhumane conditions that they were subjected to. Every prisoner was forced to work as a free farm laborer while they were incarcerated… and work was hard. Often, inmates would go months without baths or showers, and bathrooms were out of the question. Each man and woman were given one bucket which acted as their bathroom and toilet paper was not an option. Many times the inmates were not fed and would have to resort to catching animals while they worked in the fields just so they wouldn’t starve to death. At the jail, disease, violence, and death were commonplace.


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Death by hanging was the preferred mode of execution at the Old Jail. while there were only 8 men officially executed during the years that the jail was open. Unfortunately, authorities often got the physics of weight, rope length, and fall distance wrong, so the eight hangings here took up to 14 minutes.

The Gallows was by far the most interesting part of the tour. Because it was also the only place where the back of my hairs stood up. But also was the only place where I had camera difficulties. Just all around the Gallows, the camera seemed to have a hard time figuring out what it was picking up. 385854_315244175155604_982009748_n_zpsgmd6wco8

While my son and I were in the back taking pictures and I decided to snap a picture above the gallows aiming up into the tree and sky. However, after standing still the picture came out distorted exactly like this. I feel it is a time warp or maybe it’s exactly what the inmate had experienced the entire time they hung spinning.spirits_by_aquabubbleburst-d4fc201.jpg

Today, it is a living history museum, where a prisoner trustee or perhaps one of the deputies will take you through this nationally-recognized historic building. They will tell you tales of life back in the late 1800s for the male and the female prisoners. If you are lucky, they might even sneak you into the office and the living quarters of Sheriff Joe Perry, which was connected to the jail itself. He lived there with his wife and two young children during his two terms as a St. John’s County Sheriff.


(The Castillo de San Marcos) in St Augustine, Florida

(The Castillo de San Marcos) in St Augustine, Florida


A monument not only of stone and mortar but of human determination and endurance, the Castillo de San Marcos symbolizes the clash between cultures which ultimately resulted in our uniquely unified nation. Still resonant with the struggles of an earlier time, these original walls provide tangible evidence of America’s grim but remarkable history.

385165_314826368530718_675592050_n_zpse98a0eqe.jpgThe massive coquina walls of the
Castillo de San Marcos have
guarded St. Augustine since the

The Castillo De San Marcos was the tenth in a series of forts to protect St. Augustine. The previous nine were constructed of wood. The work on Castillo began 1672 in the month of October.  A pirate attack in 1668 and the founding of Charleston by the English in 1670 prompted the Queen Regent Mariana of Spain to approve the building of a powerful masonry fortification to defend Florida. The Castillo is the largest fort ever constructed by Spain in North America.  Constructed using coquina rock quarried across the bay on Anastasia island, it took 23 years to complete.


bert_by_snapcolorcreations-d56nz1a.jpg                   The massive walls of the Castillo de San Marcos were first tested in battle in 1702. An English army led by Gov. James Moore of South Carolina tried to capture St. Augustine. Queen Anne’s War was then underway and Moore came south to lay siege to the Oldest

The 1,500 soldiers and citizens of St. Augustine took shelter within the fort and held off the English army for 52 days until they were relieved by a Spanish fleet from Cuba. Moore burned the city but became the first of many commanders that tried and failed to take the Castillo. 312606_315281931818495_1383588428_n_zpsudydeqle

In 1763, as an outcome of the Seven Years’ (French and Indian) War, Spain ceded Florida to Great Britain in return for La Habana, Cuba. The British garrisoned Matanzas and strengthened the Castillo, holding the two forts through the American Revolution. The Treaty of Paris of 1783, which ended the war, returned Florida to Spain.

312606_315281928485162_287063198_n_zpsbxgfnkxcSpain held Florida until 1821, when serious Spanish-American tensions led to its cession to the United States. The Americans renamed the Castillo Fort Marion and used it to house Indian prisoners during the Seminole War 1835-42. Confederate troops occupied it briefly during the Civil War and Indians captured in western military campaigns were held there later on. It was last used during the Spanish-American War as a Military Prison.321644_315264338486921_1164742333_n_zps5hknh0ui

Complete Timeline of Castillo 


  • 1513 Sailing from Puerto Rico, Spanish claim Florida.
  • 1565 Spanish found St. Augustine and destroy French at Fort Caroline and Matanzas Inlet.
  • 1672 Ground is broken on October 2 for Castillo de San Marcos
  • 1695 Castillo de San Marcos (curtain walls, bastions, living quarters, moat, ravelin, and sea wall) is finished in August.
  • 1702 War of the Spanish Succession pits Spain and France against Austria, Great
  • 374799_314826448530710_491578006_n_zps2pctcdi4Britain, and others. Coastal Georgia missions are destroyed by Carolinians en route to St. Augustine. Carolinians occupy and burn St. Augustine but the Castillo successfully resists their siege.
  • 321644_315264335153588_144462925_n_zpsyldj0wpi
  • 1738 Spanish governor at St. Augustine grants freedom to runaway, British slaves. Black families settle at, new town called Fort Mose.
  • 1740 St. Augustine successfully endures siege by British, Georgian, and South Carolinian forces.  Spanish attack and defeat British Highland troops camped at Fort Mose.
  • 1740-42 Fort Matanzas is built to block southern approach to St. Augustine.
  • 1756-62 Fort Mose rebuilt in masonry. Earthworks at Mose extended to complete northernmost defense.
  • 1763 Peace of Paris gives Florida to Great Britain in exchange for La Habana. Castillo becomes known as Fort St. Mark,
  • 1783 Peace of Paris recognizes independence; of the United States and returns Florida to Spain.385165_314826365197385_1497144677_n_zpsiw84tplw
  • 1821 Spain cedes Florida to the United States.
  • 1825 Castillo de San Marcos renamed Fort Marion
  • 1924 Fort Marion and Fort Matanzas are proclaimed national monuments.
  • 1942 Original name-Castillo de San Marcos-is restored.379470_314826845197337_816013998_n_zpsfw3kchwq

Minerals and Fossils

Shark Teeth

A shark tooth is one of the numerous teeth of a shark. Sharks continually shed their teeth, and some Carcharhiniformes shed approximately 35,000 teeth in a lifetime. In some geological formations, shark’s teeth are a common fossil. These fossils can be analysed for information on shark evolution and biology, especially because the teeth are often the only part of the shark to be fossilized. In fact, fossil teeth comprise much of the fossil record of the Elasmobranchii, extending back hundreds of millions of years.

shark_teeth_by_snapcolorcreations-d8nqkvm.pngThe most ancient types of sharks date back to 450 million years ago, during the Late Ordovician period, and they are mostly known from their fossilised teeth. The most commonly found fossil shark’s teeth are, however, from the Cenozoic (the last 66 million years).

Many people tend to turn to the shark teeth, believe that it helps them in adapting social situations. It is believed that the owner inherits the features of confidence. It also is believed to make the immune system stronger and promotes the restitution of cells, detoxification of the blood and also helps improve illness.


Amethyst is a well-known mineral and is a precious stone belonging to the quartz group.  Amethyst belongs to the macrocrystalline branch of quartz and owes its violet/purple color to iron and aluminum impurities. Without such coloring agents, amethyst would simply be transparent, ordinary colorless quartz. Like many other varieties of macrocrystalline quartz, amethyst has a translucent to transparent clarity and a vitreous luster.
Since purple is considered to be one of the royal colors, amethyst has a historical importance as an insignia of power. Fine amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and they were also a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty. Amethyst also holds a high place in the ranks of the Christian church and was referred to as “the stone of bishops”. The Greek word “amethystos” translates into “not drunken” and it was often worn as an amulet to protect against intoxication. Since amethyst was considered an antidote against drunkenness, many wine goblets were carved from amethyst stone. Still to this day, violet-purple amethyst is a symbol of sobriety.amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone.  It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm, including geopathic or electromagnetic stress and ill wishes from others.  Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.  Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.  Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.  It has strong healing and cleansing powers.  Amethyst encourages sobriety, having a sobering effect on overindulgence of alcohol, drugs or other addictions.  It calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation.  Amethyst assists in remembering and understanding dreams.  It relieves insomnia.  Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

From top left to bottom right Crystal Quartz, Blue Apatite, Tiger eyes, Carnelian Agate, Pink Blossom Quartz, and Amethyst


Blue Apatite- Blue Apatite energetically acts as a hunger suppressant.  Simply wear or carry a piece with you throughout the day.  Blue Apatite also eliminates blockages and returns the body to balance.  Blue Apatite can cleanse the aura of cluttered energies, bringing a renewed sensation to the body.  Blue Apatite is a good stone to help balance the chakras, as well as the energies of Yin and Yang.  Blue Apatite enhances manifestation of ideas to reality and facilitates getting results.  It has traditionally been associated with humanitarian efforts and teaching.  Blue Apatite is also known for bringing clarity of mind and expansion of insights and is especially helpful when diligent, study is needed to uncover the truth. Enhancing communication and self-expression on all levels, making this a great stone for teachers.  Blue Apatite encourages openness and ease in social situations, a quality that makes it especially useful for autistic children.  Blue Apatite acts as a good balance of energies, emotions, chakras, and subtle bodies, as well as the male and female aspects of the self.

Blue Apatite can help to effectively work within the dream state to form solutions to perplexing problems.  Those who are overemotional can benefit from Apatite’s ability to highlight logical solutions and induce calm states of mind. It also can help to develop psychic gifts and connect the user to higher levels of spiritual guidance.  Use Blue Apatite to deepen and maintain focus in meditation.  Blue Apatite can also initiate, stimulate, and/or increase the development of psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Tiger Eyes- Tiger’s Eye is a most ancient talisman, mysterious and powerful, revered and feared – an “all-seeing all-knowing eye,” thought to grant a wearer the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors. It was chosen by the Egyptians for the eyes in their deity statues to express divine, vision and was believed to provide the protection of the sun and earth combined, of Ra, the sun god and Geb, god of the growing land. Linked to the magical tiger, the king of beasts in Eastern mythology, Tiger’s Eye portrayed courage, integrity and right use of power. Roman soldiers carried it to deflect weapons and to be brave in battle. It has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune, protecting one’s resources and reflecting back malice or threats from others. [Mella, 78][Eason, 107][Hall, 288-289][101 Hall, 204]

This marvelous stone of the Golden Ray is still as captivating as it was in the past, with chatoyant layers that dance like shafts of light through a dense forest. It is warm and radiant, synthesizing the frequencies of Sun and Earth, bringing stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual with the physical realms. It teaches balance between extremes, moving one out of the world of duality – right and wrong, good and bad, dark and light – and provides an understanding of the underlying unity behind apparent opposites. It brings a more practical and compassionate reasoning to one’s choices and helps one to reflect Spirit through each action taken in the world. [Ahsian, 399][Melody, 646][Hall, 288]

One of the most effective of the eye formation stones, Tiger’s Eye is ever vigilant, bringing sharpness to one’s inner vision and better, understanding of the cause and effect of each situation. It encourages one to use their powers wisely and allows scattered information to be brought together to a cohesive whole. Tiger’s Eye supports, necessary change in all aspects of one’s life, strengthening the will and clarity of intention in order to manifest at the highest level. It inspires creativity and utilizing one’s talents and abilities, and is superb for stimulating wealth and the good judgement needed to maintain it. [Megemont, 177][Hall Cr, 69, 87][Hall, 288-289][Melody, 646][Mella, 78]

Carnelian Agate- Carnelian is an agate class of chalcedony that is a stone of creativity, individuality, and courage. Like all agates, it has protection energies. It can aid memory, including recall of past lives. It can assist one in finding the right mate. It is also a stone of protection in general and from anger, jealousy, and fear. In addition, it can help with manifestation of one’s desires, and brings good luck. Carnelian can help ease or remove sorrows. It also helps stabilize energies in the home. It is sometimes called the “actor’s stone”. Carnelian is associated with the root and sacral chakras. Physically, carnelian has been used in crystal healing to heal open sores, rejuvenate tissues and cells, rheumatism, kidney stones and other kidney problems, gall stones, colds, pollen allergies, and neuralgia. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Day two specimens

Although yesterday Robert came down with a slight bug and ear infection. Today we went to the doctors; they put him on some antibiotics. At the moment he is sleeping. So I thought I would share the minerals that we were gonna learn about today. I’m going to post a good variety of them. Just in case something comes up tomorrow. So, here goes nothing…. 🙂

Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)

Pyrite, well know as Fools Gold, because of the similarity in shape and color. Pyrite back in the old mining days was sometimes mistaken as Gold, being both frequently occur together. Although by simple testing and observation of its characteristics both can easily be distinguished.pyrite

Pyrite can occur in numerous habits and shapes. The smaller crystal aggregates may at times give off a glistening effect in light, and the larger ones may be perfectly formed, including stunning penetration twins, cubes, and other interesting forms of crystal. The perfectly formed cubes of pyrite embedded in a matrix located in Spanish mines are more so treasured among collectors. Many have fallen out of the matrix had have been repaired by being glued back into place.

These also have the same chemical formula as the mineral Marcasite. However, crystallizes in a different crystal system, therefore classified as a separate species. Aggregates of iron sulfide (FeS2) where the crystal structure cannot be determined without complex analyzing material may be wrongly labeled by dealers. Some Pyrite specimens are labeled as Marcasite, and some Marcasite specimens as Pyrite.


fluorite_by_snapcolorcreations-daj5aasMost Fluorite is from deeper colored stones, but can also be cut from less intense forms. The most popular color for this gemstone is purple, and deep purple fluorite resembles closely to Amethyst. Fluorite often is brightly fluorescent in ultraviolet light. In addition, the term fluorescence is derived from Fluorite. Due to the perfect cleavage and low hardness of Fluorite, these particular ones require special care to ensure it doesn’t get chipped or scratched.

Fluorite makes for a beautiful stone that comes in all colors, and often can be multicolored with two or more contrasting color within the same gem. Fluorite gemstones in multicolored often show banding patterns.


Siderite belongs to the calcite group of minerals, a group of related carbonates that are isomorphous with one another. They are similar in many physical properties, Siderite commonly found in hydrothermal veins, and are associated with fluorite, galena, barite, and others. Also a common digenetic mineral in sandstones and shale’s, where forming sometimes concretions, which encases three dimensionally, preserved fossils. Siderite in sedimentary rocks, commonly form at shallow burial depths and its elemental compositions is often related to the depositional environment of enclosing sediments. A number of recent studies have used the oxygen isotopic composition of sphaerosiderite (associated with soils) as a proxy for isotopic composition of meteoric water shortly after deposition.

siderite_by_snapcolorcreations-daj5a5zConcretionary Siderite nodules are noted for containing a wide variety of flora and fauna fossils, especially in the open-pit coal mining operations of eastern Illinois and western Indiana, where these concretions are common in the rock removed before the coal veins are exposed.

Siderite is excellent in helping to align the subtle and meridians bodies. In addition, it helps one re-engage with ones career providing stability in employment. Siderite a crystal of positivity helps stimulate positive ideas and thoughts. It also can be soothing for those confined to periods of long bed rest. Siderite has been known to be used in treating deterioration and disorders of the bones and helps treat anemia. Siderite also is used to stimulate the assimilation of other minerals.


The natural Hematite formations are absolutely amazing. On the top surface of Hematite has a botryoidal or “grape-like” formation ad a beautiful metallic luster.  Large ore bodies of hematite are usually of sedimentary origin; also found in high-grade ore bodies in metamorphic rocks due to contact metasomatism, and occasionally as a sublimate on igneous extrusive rocks (“lavas”) as a result of volcanic activity. It is also usually the cause of red soils all over the planet.hematite_by_snapcolorcreations-daj5a2t.jpg

Hematite helps calm you in times of worry and stress and absorbs negative energy. Hematite also known as a protective stone, and is great to carry around to help you stay grounded in tough situations. It also can help boost ones confidence and guides ones to find their own gifts, releasing self-imposed limitations. In, addition can be used to protect against electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress, and is said to be great in detoxifying the blood and liver. Natural Hematite may contain a slight magnetic charge so Caution is advised. Check with your doctor before working with crystals if you have a pacemaker. Items marketed as “Magnetic Hematite” are actually not Hematite and should be avoided by those who have pacemakers.


Epidote is a group of closely related minerals. However, in the gem trade, the name refers typically only to the gem- quality green variety of epidote minerals. Although rarely of gem-quality and rarity as a faceted stone, it still is a commonly occurring mineral.

Epidote, a complex form of calcium aluminum iron silicate in which both aluminum ions and calcium are replaced by other metals such as ferric iron, yttrium or manganese, and cerium metals. Epidote being an alteration product, it has a wide variance in chemical formula and composition. Depending on the levels of iron, manganese along with other substances, stones may be classified under a variety of trade names, or lie many cases, by their own distinct mineral.

epidote_by_snapcolorcreations-daj59zoEpidote occurs in all tones and shades of green, with yellowish-green or pistachio color being mist typical and desirable. Other colors can also include brown, near-black and gray. It also exhibits a strong level of pleochroism, typically yellow, brown and green.  The most desirable forms of epidote for collectors are elongated and extremely lustrous crystals, typically interconnected. Transparent and dark green epidote is sometimes faceted for collectors, with the most popular shapes including traditional ovals, cushions or octagons. Other fancier shapes like trillions or hearts are quite rare. Opaque materials are often carved into ornamental objects. Careful orientation of cut is very important because of epidote’s strongly pleochroic properties.

Epidote will enhance the energy of whatever it touches, including other stones.  Epidote increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings and brings spiritual growth.  Epidote is a great stone for releasing negativity and raising one’s vibration energy.  It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or negative thinking pattern.  Epidote can inject a sense of hopeful optimism into one’s emotional body, helping to bring the mind into a higher vibration.  Crystal healers like to work with Epidote for its ability to clear congestion and energy blockages in the physical and subtle bodies.  Epidote will help to balance and stabilize the energy flow in the body.  Epidote is also used to help dissipate tumors by releasing stagnant energies in the area. Epidote is an excellent stone for attunement with nature and her healing qualities.  It puts forth a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, which is particularly good for those living in a high energy, city setting.


Quartz makes up for one of the most popular gemstone groups. Being they are one of the most important minerals out there. Quartz is one of the second most abundant minerals found in the earth’s continental crust, second only to the feldspars. There are two main varieties of quartz, which further can be subdivided into other, more specific varietal names. All quartz shares the same silicon dioxide (SiO2) chemical composition, but they have differing crystal formations and classes. The two main branches of quartz include cryptocrystalline quartz and macrocrstalline quartz. These gemstones are attractive and also very durable. In most cases, quartz is fairly inexpensive and come available in very large sizes. Some varieties of quartz can be extremely rare, while others are very readily available.quartz_by_snapcolorcreations-daj59vh

You can use your quartz crystal to cleanse, open, activate, and align all seven chakras, and while many people will use a specific gemstone for each chakra, you can use your quartz crystal to do the same. Quartz crystal is commonly associated with the crown chakra, so even if you decide to use various gemstones for each chakra, you may still be using your quartz crystal on your crown chakra. It is not a coincidence that the stereotypical fortune teller is looking into a crystal ball.  Quartz crystal helps to unlock the ability to communicate with spirits who reside in various dimensions of consciousness. Because quartz crystals amplify intentions and energies, it is the ideal gemstone to enhance your psychic abilities and clairvoyance. Crystals transmit and send psychic information to those who are in tune with their crystals.  This is why it’s so important to cleanse your crystals after purchasing them because you never know what kind of psychic energy any given crystal may be carrying.  It’s important to remember that every person’s psychic energy, who has touched the crystal that you are about to buy, has transmitted their own, personal energies onto your crystal.

These so far are just a small collection of the many Specimens that I have. I will continue on to the rest tomorrow, hopefully. So, if you enjoyed the post please check in for more to come. : )

God Bless,

Day one Minerals


Aragonite is one that I have always admired. Deep down I have always felt as if it was telling me to look, but not touch. These star clusters seemed fragile and delicate, but when I finally got close to one, the foundation was strong and sturdy.unnamed

For over eight years I have been studying crystals and their healing powers. Aragonites metaphysical properties held a strong reputation, being a powerhouse mineral; one that gets to the core of any situation. If you have a situation you are sweeping under the rug, this crystal will bring it up. It will also bring up fear, anger, unresolved emotions and every other cobweb in your mind.

rock6On the positive side, the aragonite meaning has this lure about it that seems to tell us IF you deal with your self-perceived dark side, there is a gift waiting for you on the other side. It invites you to come closer, to look deep within all the tubes of energy that all originate from one central point. The aragonite meaning emanates this is the light. Each tube of energy beams light outwards, surrounding you with a web of light. You will be and feel better than before, but you must face your dark side to feel its light. Aragonite says, I am a cluster of light, and you too can also feel like a star shining bright in the skyYou can be a human star, BUT you must walk through the void, as the light awaits you. 

Aragonite is a carbonate mineral, one of the two common, naturally occurring, crystal forms of calcium carbonate,CaCO3 (the other form being the mineral calcite). It is formed by biological and physical processes, including precipitation from marine and freshwater environments.

Aragonite’s crystal lattice differs from that of calcite, resulting in a different crystal shape, an orthorhombic system with acicular crystals. Repeated twinning results in pseudo-hexagonal forms. Aragonite may be columnar or fibrous, occasionally in branching stalactitic forms called flos-ferri (“flowers of iron”) from their association with the ores at the Carinthian iron mines. – Mindat.org

Aragonite is considered essential for the replication of reef conditions. Providing the materials needed for much sea life and also keeping the pH close to its natural levels. Preventing the dissolution of biogenic calcium carbonate. Aragonite has been also successfully tested for the removal of pollutants like cobalt, zinc, and lead from contaminated wastewaters.

Azurite Malachite

malchite3Azurite owes its name to its beautiful azure-blue color, which makes it a very popular and well-known mineral. It usually occurs with green Malachite, which may form green stains or specks on Azurite crystals or aggregates. The two minerals sometimes occur admixed or banded together, forming what is called “Azure-malachite” in the gem and mineral trades. A rarer Azurite mixture, known as “Bluebird”, is Azurite mixed with dark red Cuprite. Azurite, “Azure-malachite”, and “Bluebird” all have gem uses.

malchite2In some localities, the Azurite undergoes a chemical change and loses some hydroxyl, altering the Azurite to Malachite, but retaining the crystal shape of the original Azurite. Sometimes, only part of the Azurite is altered to Malachite, while the other part remains as Azurite. Such specimens are green on one end and blue on the other.

Azurite is very soothing and calming for the emotions. It enhances one’s psychic abilities and is very good to use in all general healing uses. You can use the smaller nodules on your closed eyes to soothe and sharpen the eyesight. It can be used to balance the electrochemical system of the body and provide a flow of energy from the 3rd eye to the heart chakra. It is a very inspirational stone indeed!


Malachite is a superb stone for treating trauma, be it emotional or physical. It has a very absorbent and drawing nature, so if one places Malachite next to the traumatized area, it will “draw” the trauma out. Due to this absorbent nature Malachite needs to be cleaned fairly regularly, especially if you notice the color fading. Burying it in earth is a very effective method.

Malachite has a very centering energy about it, great for helping one find their place in the universe. It helps with reconstruction on a cellular level, particularly the skeletal structure.
Malachite is an all rounder, grounding, expanding, and nurturing. It is a bridge between the intuitive and intellectual sides of ourselves.


Geodes are rock and crystalline formations found in volcanic and sedimentary rock. Geodes are essentially rock cavities or vugs with internal crystal formations or concentric banding. The exterior of the most common geodes is generally limestone or a related rock, while the interior contains quartz crystals and/or chalcedony deposits. Other geodes are completely filled with crystal, being solid all the way through. These types of geodes are called nodules.


Check out my DeviantArt page at http://snapcolorcreations.deviantart.com


Geode is especially good for kids. It’s a powerful stone that can sooth and relax you.  It also can aid and reinforce the body’s connection to the world. It can give power, force, audacity, and diminishes fears, all of which amplify self-confidence. In, addition geode can also help reduce feelings of jealousy by grounding the passions.


It is a gemstone of synchronization and brings the component of one’s being into an agreement, and it significantly improves healing. Also, increases ingenuity and motivates the intelligence. It is considered a stone that conveys good fate. It functions with chakras based on stone color.


Geodes small or medium make for nifty paperweights in an office or even on your home desk. Medium to larger ones make useful and sturdy bookends for a home library or an office. Geodes from many different sizes can be split open then polished to produce a one-of-a-kind dish or bowl to a variety of household objects. Larger geodes make for a gorgeous and stunning glass top coffee or end tables.


Barite and Cerussite over Galena

All over the world Barite can be found in natural deposits. Many formative processes including geothermal deposition and evaporation can contribute to formation of this particular mineral, which is often found in association with materials like hematite and sandstone. It consists in nature of loose crystal formations which often cleave readily. The crystals can be a variety of colors such as brown, gray, white, and red to rose-colored, depending on the neighboring mineral compounds. Pure barite has the mineral formula BaSO4, otherwise known as barium sulfate.


A few companies utilize this mineral as a packer material in concrete and other products. It also can be effective for radiation shielding, where concrete layers and other materials create a wall to isolate an area with radioactive substances. Processed barite in form of barium is used for certain medical imaging studies. Because this mineral is opaque on x-rays, patients will swallow it. This allows medical professionals and doctors to study the digestive tract and throat. However, it is not soluble in H20 and is eliminated by the body without accumulating in tissues like the kidneys and liver. Healers are known to use barite to assist in balancing brain chemistry in enhancing ones memory.

Vanadinite on White Barite 

Vanadinite would hardly be as famous if not for the outstanding locality of Mibladen, Morocco. This locality has by far produced the most outstanding crystals of beautiful color and form, and in great abundance. These crystals are usually dense forms of blood-red hexagonal plates. The color contrast of the red vanadinite against a white barite makes for a very attractive specimen.


This specimen is one of the key industrial ores of the metal vanadium and a minor source of lead. Roughly 80% of vanadium produced is used as a steel additive. Vanadium-steel alloys are extraordinarily tough and are used for amour plate, tools, piston rods, axles, and crankshafts. Less than 1% of vanadium, and as little chromium, makes steel shock resistant and vibration resistant. Vanadium alloys are used in nuclear reactors because of vanadium’s low neutron-absorbing properties.  Vanadium (V) oxide is used as a pigment for ceramics and glass, as a catalyst and in producing superconducting magnets.



This Specimen is tremendous for those who have troubles accepting their physicality; Vanadinite has a compelling connection with the earth chakra. Helping ground the soul into the physical body, assisting in being comfortable in the earth environment. Teaching how to conserve energy, it opens an internal channel within the body to receive universal energy, shutting off mind babble, facilitating a state of “no mind” or can be used consciously to direct awareness for metaphysical vision and journeying. This stone fills the breakage between thought and ones intellect. Defining goals, it combines sensible thought with internal guidance.

These beautiful pieces are also available for purchase. If interested in knowing more please feel free to message me. I hope you enjoyed learning of some of Gods beautiful work. Have a beautiful week and God Bless.

Morocco Minerals

This week Robert and I will be learning about Rocks and Minerals. We will be sharing with you the ones that currently are in our possession. These rocks and minerals I received from a friend; who lives in Morocco. Because we have so many different kinds. We will be spreading it out this week. Each day starting later on. I will blog about five or six different ones. But first, lets learn a little about the place. : )



Morocco, about one-tenth larger than California, lies across the Strait of Gibraltar on the Mediterranean and looks out on the Atlantic from the northwest shoulder of Africa. Algeria is to the east and Mauritania to the south. On the Atlantic coast, there is a fertile plain. The Mediterranean coast is mountainous. The Atlas Mountains, running northeastward from the south to the Algerian frontier, average 11,000 ft (3,353 m) in elevation.


Constitutional monarchy ~ Meaning that the role the king is achored into it’s laws.



Morocco has been the home of the Berbers since the second millennium B.C. In A.D. 46, Morocco was annexed by Rome as part of the province of Mauritania until the Vandals overran this portion of the declining empire in the 5th century. The Arabs invaded circa 685, bringing Islam. The Berbers joined them in invading Spain in 711, but then they revolted against the Arabs, resenting their secondary status. In 1086, Berbers took control of large areas of Moorish Spain until they were expelled in the 13th century.

The land was rarely unified and was usually ruled by small tribal states. Conflicts between Berbers and Arabs were chronic. Portugal and Spain began invading Morocco, which helped to unify the land in defense. In 1660, Morocco came under the control of the Alawite dynasty. It is a sheriff dynasty—descended from the prophet Muhammad—and rules Morocco to this day.


The weather in Marrakech, like in the rest of Morocco, tends to be balmy and sun-soaked all year long—with a particular hot period from June to September when temperatures peak above 30-degrees-celsius. Although the majority of residents are either Arabic or Berber, Marrakesh is very multi lingual—from business people to shopkeepers—most will be able to pinpoint your nationality before you utter a single word.

Marrakech is broken up into two distinct areas—Old City (also called “Medina”), which houses the souks (or market area) and Modern City, which houses the commercial quarter (Guéliz) and residential area (l’Hivernage) of the city. Djemma El Fna, is the ancient square that lies at the heart of Marrakech, and acts as a gathering point for locals, street performers—such as dancers, musicians, and snake charmers—as well as street food vendors.


If shopping is your game then the city’s souk district should be your aim. Explore the winding network of souk traders selling traditional pottery, metalwork, leather goods, textiles, spices and various other wares.


hgSweet mint tea is the national drink of Marrakech, while couscous, the traditional Berber dish of semolina (tiny granules of durum wheat) is the national dish—often served with fish, other meat, or veggies, in a broth-like sauce.


Please check in later on to learn more about this beautiful place. God Bless


Homeschool portfolio 

last year while my son was home-schooled. My organization was, well let’s say not the best at all. There really is no regulations for Homeschoolers in the State of Michigan. This is one thing I love about The State. And the fact our senate committee approved legislations to drop common core. But anywho, all Roberts work went into a file cabinet and really didn’t keep track of any records. I decided that this year would be a little different. While doing some research online. Looking and seeing what the regulations were in other States. Which most States seem very strict.
While doing this research I came across a few parents who created a homeschool portfolio. They call it their “evaluation portfolio.” These portfolios for when they are required to go to show and tell, or when the State decides to knock on their door to check-in on their parenting skills. 🙄
Besides that The portfolio itself I felt was really cool and unique. So, I decided to do one of my own. For any parent who loves scrapbooking. I would say this is the second best thing. It’s something your child can look back on. Also, think it would save a lot of time later on down the road. But most of all it’s better to be safe than sorry.
regards of the requirements. They vary from State to State.
Some of them are to document The Goals you have for the year, the curriculum, activities, and programs you plan to use.
Attendance log.🤔 Which is pretty silly. Of course, your child will be attending “present.” After all the child is being “Home-Schooled.” 🤓
And of course, the prove. The Daily schedule and sample work from the student.
You can make it simple and just buy a three-ring binder and binder index dividers. Or if you are feeling creative you can design your own.

                                    personally, I went and got a three-ring binder; only 5 bucks at family dollar. However, I DO NOT Recommend getting one from there. The rings do not keep snapped together. Also, the shape makes turning the pages almost impossible. I used card stock from home. And made these cute Fox theme dividers. Why a fox, you may ask? Because my son loves them.I printed the tabs and page separately. Then with box tape, I laminated the tabs while sticking them to each of its pages. But, this is where I ran into a slight problem. The page with the tabs on the side wouldn’t fit through the laminator. So Those ones I had to use self-sealing laminating patches.

I am not too sure how much these run for. A few months back My husband got a box of office supplies; that a business was just gonna toss out. On that day the universe was looking out for me. Because inside the box was a stack of these self-sealing pouches. And I have to say they are pretty slick. As you can see each subject has its own divider. The goals, objects, attendance and daily assignments I place in the front.

Roberts daily schedule looks like this from front to back Mon-Fri with space at the bottom to put comments for the week. I prepare each week in advance then print them out. I type most of everything because my arthritis in my hand makes it hard to write.                                                                             So, this is a tad bit of my world as a homeschool mom. And yes, of course, there will be more to come.
For today that is that. Thanks for reading and God bless..

My journey to here

On this day, about eight years ago. My life had jumped onto an entirely new path. It was the day that I found out I was pregnant. It was this day that for the first time in my life. I felt as if there was a purpose of being here. a reason to thrive and continue on. And even though the past eight years have had its ups and downs. It’s still the one and only journey that has inspired me to be who I am today.

On June, 21st 2008 I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy.

 Holding him in my arms for the first time. I was overwhelmed by many different emotions. Though, during my pregnancy and to this moment there were no complications. I still couldn’t help but feel scared, worried, and overly protective. But at the same time, my heart overfilled with joy.

Just like most moms. We’d do anything and everything for our children. Always seeking for the best and only the best of everything. I made sure that I only listened to those who I thought was educated. Such as doctors and other moms. Putting complete trust in those who claim to be legit sources.

This ended though when he was 15 months. Before the 15 month mark, everything was good. He was key when it came to milestones. He was speaking clear and learning fast. But then when we went to his 15-month checkup. Right after he received his first MMR shot. I noticed something wasn’t right. My instincts knew that something was off. Like any other time, we went home. And even though the signs at the time wasn’t completely noticeable. Or maybe at the time I was in denial. However, my husband kept asking about his speech. Because he was no longer speaking clearly. Also, he began speaking louder than before. Around this time I began researching and learning more about vaccines. This research threw me down a long rabbit hole of many other things. Leading me to lose faith and trust in everyone and everything. When he was a little over 1 years. My husband and I, at his next, follow-up voiced our concerns. However, the doctor blew it over and tried guilt tripping us into more vaccines. We stood firm, refused them and left. That same week I called around and ended up putting him into speech therapy.


  When we moved to Daytona Beach Florida. He was a little under two and there he continued seeing a therapist. With no noticeable improvement, we decided to withdraw him. I began trying to work with him at home.  At the age of three, he began trying to draw and write. However, still could not count or sing his ABC’s. His letters and/or numbers when writing would be reversed, backwards, or upside down. I brought it up to his doctors many times. Every one of them refused to look further into it. They either said, “boys learn at a slower pace.” Or “He would grow out of it.” At six he still was facing these challenges. I think God every day that I listened to my gut instincts. And refused to inject my child with any other poisons. I am certain that the second round of the MMR would have completely destroyed my son.

Now onto our experience with school system.

The first year at school, teachers wanted to place him in a smaller class. They also brought up evaluating him for ADHD and suggested medication. Being against both suggestions, I decided to pull him from school. And enrolled him in Michigan’s connections academy. Which also failed to meet my son’s needs. Last year He tried the Michigans Great Lakes virtual academy. Both used the common core curriculum. And only drained my son of his curiosity to even learn. Also, they had passed a new law regarding the vaccine waiver-form. The new requirement is to take an hour class and sign an acknowledgment form (which is a whole other story, for another time.) Two months in I decided to take matters into my own hands and unschool him myself. 


<<< Now eight years old and has defeated all his challenges. He can now read, write, and count. Though his speech is still something we are working on. He has gained his confidence back and has a love for learning. Which has restored my faith and trust, and has brought me closer to God. It is through these life challenges that we as humans learn who we truly are. And what we are all here for. Given me the inspiration to share my story and my journey from here on out. In hopes that maybe it will inspire others.

This year I had purchased the Bjupresshomeschool student bundle curriculum.

The reasons that I decided to go with this curriculum:

  • is that they do not intend or have plans in changing any of its materials in order to be compliant with Common Core State Standards nor intentionally doing anything to align with them.
  • They are also adamantly opposed to the federal direction or involvement in the content or methods of the educational system, whether directly or indirectly (through conditions placed on grants and other financial transfers to the states in exchange for Common Core standards compliance or otherwise). -BJU (meaning that BJU is not in the hands of the corrupt elite and bankers.)
  • They are biblical which allows my son to connect and learn Gods words.
    All though it’s curriculum options seem to be a little on the high price. So far I have to say it was money well spent. Also for those who have financial struggles. They offer an installment plan.

Later on I will write more on his curriculum.

That’s our story and we look forward to sharing this school year with you.