Homeschool portfolio 

last year while my son was home-schooled. My organization was, well let’s say not the best at all. There really is no regulations for Homeschoolers in the State of Michigan. This is one thing I love about The State. And the fact our senate committee approved legislations to drop common core. But anywho, all Roberts work went into a file cabinet and really didn’t keep track of any records. I decided that this year would be a little different. While doing some research online. Looking and seeing what the regulations were in other States. Which most States seem very strict.
While doing this research I came across a few parents who created a homeschool portfolio. They call it their “evaluation portfolio.” These portfolios for when they are required to go to show and tell, or when the State decides to knock on their door to check-in on their parenting skills. 🙄
Besides that The portfolio itself I felt was really cool and unique. So, I decided to do one of my own. For any parent who loves scrapbooking. I would say this is the second best thing. It’s something your child can look back on. Also, think it would save a lot of time later on down the road. But most of all it’s better to be safe than sorry.
regards of the requirements. They vary from State to State.
Some of them are to document The Goals you have for the year, the curriculum, activities, and programs you plan to use.
Attendance log.🤔 Which is pretty silly. Of course, your child will be attending “present.” After all the child is being “Home-Schooled.” 🤓
And of course, the prove. The Daily schedule and sample work from the student.
You can make it simple and just buy a three-ring binder and binder index dividers. Or if you are feeling creative you can design your own.

                                    personally, I went and got a three-ring binder; only 5 bucks at family dollar. However, I DO NOT Recommend getting one from there. The rings do not keep snapped together. Also, the shape makes turning the pages almost impossible. I used card stock from home. And made these cute Fox theme dividers. Why a fox, you may ask? Because my son loves them.I printed the tabs and page separately. Then with box tape, I laminated the tabs while sticking them to each of its pages. But, this is where I ran into a slight problem. The page with the tabs on the side wouldn’t fit through the laminator. So Those ones I had to use self-sealing laminating patches.

I am not too sure how much these run for. A few months back My husband got a box of office supplies; that a business was just gonna toss out. On that day the universe was looking out for me. Because inside the box was a stack of these self-sealing pouches. And I have to say they are pretty slick. As you can see each subject has its own divider. The goals, objects, attendance and daily assignments I place in the front.

Roberts daily schedule looks like this from front to back Mon-Fri with space at the bottom to put comments for the week. I prepare each week in advance then print them out. I type most of everything because my arthritis in my hand makes it hard to write.                                                                             So, this is a tad bit of my world as a homeschool mom. And yes, of course, there will be more to come.
For today that is that. Thanks for reading and God bless..


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