599585_497635393583147_287335561_n_zpszqkkmsmwIt was October 21st, 2010 when my family and I relocated to Florida. Everything I had wished and planned for was taking place. Before this, I had rearranged with a realtor for a house in the new Smyrna beach area. My husband decided to hire a moving company. That way we can site see and take our time on the way down there. We drove through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and a small part of Georgia. 207287_214866775193345_7670425_n_zpse1pq3on7




However, when we arrived at the house. It was nothing like he said it was. This though wasn’t going to stop me from moving forward. The situation set us back tremendously. Luckily, the moving company was running a little behind. And allowed us to delay delivery for a few days. My husband, son and I didn’t care much for that particular area. We decided to check out Daytona Beach instead. eventually, crashing in a hotel called “Islander resort” on Atlantic Ave in Daytona Beach, for a little over a week. And just a few days in I knew that I was finally home. Unlike life growing up in Michigan. This town had always something going on. In, addition the people are so much friendlier and have so much hospitality.











This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

75626_178029135543776_3291000_n_zpsdtxkemkuEventually, we found an apartment complex that now is called The Granite at Porpoise Bay. I will update more pictures and continue the story later on. Hope you enjoyed and God bless.




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